Privacy Policy


We believe your privacy is paramount!

Your privacy is extremely important to Universal Sports and we will always act to protect your information at all times. We take this responsibility seriously and are very careful about how and when your personal information is collected, used and shared. We know that keeping your personal information private is very important and we do this responsibly and in accordance with Australian Privacy Laws under the The Privacy Act 1988 (The Privacy Act).

Our Commitment

We will always handle your personal information securely and carefully. We will only use your personal information when it is necessary for us to deliver you a service or perform other necessary business functions.

What We Collect

The information we collect would include your name, address, delivery address, phone numbers, email address, date of birth and other transaction information.

How We Collect it

The information we collect is in most cases supplied directly by you at the Universal Sports website during the stages of becoming a subscriber, placing an order or simply providing us with your feedback on our products. We may also collect navigational information when you enter into the Universal Sports website. The information extracted is the standard general information such as domain type, IP service provider, browser type and IP address. The information collected will come in the form of an overall average use on a daily basis and does not contain personal information about you.

Why We Collect It

We collect this information as it enables us to deliver products to you, complete transactions on your behalf, to get an understanding on how we can improve our products and also to provide offers and promotions.

Who We Share It With

We do not intend to sell your personal information to any other parties. However, we are required to pass on your personal details such as your name and delivery address which enables us to deliver products to you.